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Gaius Iulius Caesar

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Who Killed Homer? - The Demise of Classical Education and the Recovery of Greek Wisdom

Ancient History
Ancient Religion & Myth
Aeneas to Augustus (A Beginning Latin Reader for College Students)
The Roman Emperors
Cambridge Latin Course
The Roman consuls through Caesar
Fontes Linguae Latinae
Gaius Iulius Caesar
(auf Deutsch)

Latin Online - "Wow!"
Roman literature (in Latin)
Vox Latina

Antique Roman Dishes - Collection
Recipies from ancient China, Greece, and Rome
The Roman Orgy Page
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Books about History
Sapientia Antiquorum:
"For such was the universal reverence for the laws at that time, that men's ears were perpetually ringing with this maxim, that by defeating impeachments against illegal practices, our constitution was instantly subverted."
Aeschines, The Oration against Ctesiphon
- 330 BC

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